Built for Your Family by Our Family

Jordan Products are all built in North Carolina with a full range of state of the art equipment by our trained specialists who take pride in the wood products we build. All our products are made from the same wide range of timberline wood that we construct houses, decks, and more. This gives you the most reliable wood to build the table and chairs that will hold your loved ones or your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Easily Colored

Jordan Products offer stained or natural options for every product available. Whether you are interested in our stain or ordering it natural and staining it yourself, our products easily accept both So go ahead, go wild.

Thicker and Durable

Using wood that is 25% thicker than standard wood, your new furniture will not only feel more durable and safe, but will stand the test of time for years to come.

Long Lasting

By using heat to extract moisture from the wood, it makes the longevity of the wood to be longer than ever before while also cleaning the wood of insects and fungus.

Unique Look & Feel

Each Jordan Lumber product is built with a patented pattern of grooves on each board that creates a traction that is unmatched by any lumber company. We build with YOU in mind.